Our Pupil's Books

In April 2017, 13 of our pupils collaborated in writing a book full of short stories all based on different monsters. We published our book with our pupils' work and profiles and placed in on Amazon. This book is called "The Little Book of Monsters"


In October 2017, my first children's book was published with Pegasus Publishers. It is available on Amazon, our publishers store and in all good book shops.


Our children worked very hard to create their stories from scratch, everything is their own original ideas, with the help of their tutors to guide them in structuring their stories and teaching them grammar and punctuation while writing it.


If you would like to see our pupils' book on the Amazon store, click on the image below. 


We are in the process of writing two more books. One called "The Secret" which will be written by our secondary school pupils, and another called "The Island" which will be written by our primary pupils. We are aiming to work on this during the Summer of 2017.