Manager and Lead Tutor - Robbie

Robbie - Lead tutor and Director


Teaching Experience:

20 years

Specialist Subject:


Specialist Area:

I have a lot of experience teaching the 11+ and children with dyslexia.


Years 1 - 11, Maths and English

Favourite Quote:

"You know nothing, John Snow!" - Game of Thrones.


My name is Robbie Quantrill and I am the Manager and Head Tutor of Qcontrol Tuition. I started working with children in 1998, where I worked as a TA in a special needs school. After a year, I went to work in a mainstream school as a TA and ICT technician. I studied at the Open University for 6 years to get my degree to become a teacher. In the meantime, I was employed as an unqualified teacher to teach ICT to Primary aged children. I became fully qualified in 2006.


After becoming qualified, I became the year group leader of year 3, 4 and 5, an English coordinator and an ICT coordinator. I have held insets for both teachers and parents and trained trainee teachers. My main specialities are teaching English and Reading. I especially enjoy teaching creative writing to all ages.  


Through the tuition, I have trained to teach secondary school maths and English. I especially enjoy teaching the secondary school English curriculum as I enjoy working with the teenagers and helping them to understand modern fiction.  I started the tuition company in September 2012 with just two children and myself as the sole tutor. But now, nearly 7 years on, we have approx. 175 children and 21 members of staff. In April 2015, I gave up full teaching in a school, to teach at my company full time.