Tutor - Sarah


Teaching Experience:

12 years teaching at KS3 and kS4. 4 years teaching KS5. Was KS5 coordinator for 2 years and assistant head of year for 4 years.

Specialist Subject:


Specialist Area:

GCSE and A-level mathematics and statistics.


Years 7 - 13

Favourite Quote:

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." Albert Einstein


Hi. I'm Sarah and I joined Qcontrol in June 2019. It is such a great little company to work for, where every one has the same end goal, ensuring pupils of all age and ability reach their potential and grow as individuals. I completed my maths degrees many years ago and went straight into teaching. I have taught Maths and Statistics to all abilities across the ages of year 6 through to year 13. I have been assistant head of year and KS5 coordinator, but after having my own children I decided to cut down my responsibilities at school and got in touch with Robbie. As they say the rest is history......